Senior scale up Coach

Anna Rojahn

With more than ten years experience as a serial entrepreneur and an interdisciplinary background in product design, design management and product management, Anna is a seasoned allrounder who knows the challenges of scaling. As a founder of a total of six companies, she combines pragmatism and strategic vision with analytical reflection and entrepreneurial empathy.

Generating the biggest possible value for the team is always at the heart of Anna's actions. Thanks to her wide scope of experience, she commands a wealth of tools and methodologies to help her clients rediscover the happiness of healthy and sustainable growth; one of her biggest assets lies in striking the perfect balance between a consultant's experience and a growth-oriented coaching mindset.

Anna was born in Hamburg in 1977 and spent a few years of her life living in the UK. During her time working as a Product Manager for a luxury goods company, she spent two years commuting between Frankfurt and Hong Kong; she has been living in Berlin since 2007. She has a personal faible for great wine, Japanese single malt whisky and Cuban cigars.